Mission & Vision

From its beginning in 1937, Tennessee State Parks were established to protect and preserve the unique natural, cultural and historic resources of Tennessee. The public interest has also been served by a variety of benefits for citizens and communities produced by our state park system, promoting stronger communities and healthier citizens across the state through diverse resource-based recreation while conserving the natural environment for today and tomorrow – preserving authentic Tennessee places and spaces for future generations to enjoy. As stewards of the resources in our parks, we seek to manage Tennessee’s state parks in order to preserve and protect valued resources and to provide a balance of services and benefits for the enjoyment of the people. Tenn. Code Ann. § 11-3-101


To preserve and protect, in perpetuity, unique examples of natural, cultural, and scenic areas and provide a variety of safe, quality, outdoor experiences through a well-planned and professionally managed system of state parks.

Vision and Values

Our understanding of the Mission of Tennessee State Parks is based on the following values and vision.

Values and Vision Statement: We believe there is inherent value in the natural environment. We believe that the observation and experience of natural things in a setting removed from the hectic world of the day-to-day can uplift and re-create the human spirit.

We also believe there is value in physical reminders of our past. Without history, there is nothing upon which to base our understanding of the present or our dreams of the future.

Our natural and cultural resources provide context and continuity to our lives and help to make us whole. The intrinsic worth of these resources is beyond monetary consideration. We so value these things that we intend to preserve and protect them, even in the face of whatever may be the fashion of the moment, to the end that all citizens, rich or poor, may enjoy them forever.