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Education & Youth Programming

Our parks offer many programs and outreach activities to help people connect with the outdoors. Here's a list of some of the things we offer:

For Educators

Tennessee State Parks offers exciting, relatable, and hands-on educational experiences. Learn about educational visits to a park, ranger visits to your school, and more!


Junior Ranger Program

The Junior Ranger Program strives to give children a fresh look at the world around them! Whether taking a hike or going for a swim, there are many fun things to do at Tennessee’s State Parks that can help keep us happy and healthy!


Kit's Club

Kit’s Club is an outdoor program that invites children and their caregivers/guardians to explore the wonderful outdoors and natural resources in Tennessee under the guidance of expert Park Rangers. From unearthing wiggling worms to diving into aquatic creatures, Kits Club provides introductory outdoor play experiences while teaching the value of natural recycling.


Special Summer Programs

When you visit Tennessee State Parks, you’ll often see summer program schedules offered by our “SIR’s” or Seasonal Interpreter/Recreators. Interpreters are the employees responsible for planning, publicizing, and presenting the fun, interactive, and educational programs for which Tennessee State Parks are known.