Horseback Riding

Tennessee State Parks have several horse-friendly parks, places to bring your own horse or rent a horse. Several parks also provide equestrian support facilities and there is even a wrangler camping area.


Big Hill Pond - Bring your own horse.
Chickasaw - Bring your own horse or rent a horse. Wrangler campground.
Meeman-Shelby Forest - Bring your own horse.
Natchez Trace - Bring your own horse. Wrangler campground.


Cedars of Lebanon - Bring your own horse. There is a nearby stable, open seasonally.


Panther Creek - Bring your own horse.
Norris Dam - A couple of trails located on the east side, and are open for equestrian use.
Warriors' Path - Horse rentals. Boarding.

All equestrian facilities in state parks offer either horse rental, guided rides or are support facilities for guests accessing the trails on lands managed by the Tennessee Division of Forestry.

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Parks featuring Horseback Riding