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We are a bi-monthly print and online magazine featuring smart articles and gorgeous photography. Six times per year, we bring you great stories about native species, history, conservation, archaeology, and Tennessee culture.

In our pages, you'll find amazing tips on things to see and do, and lots of ways to connect with resources and activities in Tennessee State Parks and across our state. We advocate for the preservation and protection of our incredible natural and cultural resources, and are proud to utilize the most sustainable printing practices available. Subscribe today!

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March/April 2023 issue cover

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  • Volunteer Vacations at Frozen Head State Park
  • The Natchez Trace Parkway is Rich in History & Scenic Beauty
  • The Duck River: A River Like No Other
  • Co-Existing With Coyotes
  • Saving and Preserving Tennessee's Historic Dry Stack Stone Walls
  • Discover Life in America in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park
  • + Park Ranger Profiles, Things to Do, Conservation Update, & more!

The Tennessee Conservationist is published by Tennessee State Parks, a division of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.
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We Walk the Walk

We've been advocating for conservation and sustainability for 85+ years. The Tennessee Conservationist prints on 100% post-consumer recycled paper made by Rolland Enterprises, Inc. These papers have the lowest environmental footprint in their category, and are created without cutting down even one tree. Ninety-three percent of Rolland's thermo-energy needs are met from methane biogas, transported by pipeline from a landfill eight miles from the mill. Rolland generates 70,000 tons less CO 2 each year compared to traditional energy usage.

For a typical press run, we are proud to save the following resources by printing on Rolland's beautiful Enviro Print paper. Learn more here:

29 million BTUs
29 million BTUs

143,325 60w lightbulbs for one hour

15 lbs of NOx indirect greenhouse gasses
15 lbs of NOx indirect greenhouse gasses

emissions of 1 truck driving 21 days

34,070 gallons of water
34,070 gallons of water

368 days of water consumption

11,452 lbs of CO2
11,452 lbs of CO2

emissions of 2 cars for a year

3,486 lbs of solid waste
3,486 lbs of solid waste

32 waste containers

35 fully-grown trees
35 fully-grown trees

2 tennis courts

Sources: Environmental impact estimates for the North American marketplace are made using the Environmental Paper Network Paper Calculator v3.2. For more information, visit The fine papers' environmental savings related to greenhouse gas impacts are based on the Life Cycle Assessment methodology. The LCA was made by Rolland and validated by a third party.

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